Kiosk Basic – check-in issue of keys at kiosks

Kiosk Basic is a cloud system providing hotel guests with easy check-in or just a verified issue of keys at unattended hotel kiosks. Kiosk Basic does not distinguish between short-term or long-term rental. It can also be used for business case handling of visits. In the Kiosk Smart version it provides a large number of advanced functions of a smart hotel, RestAPI and settings for controlling buildings and equipment in rooms. The Kiosk Basic extension is also an online interface for guests, providing online pre-checkin – filling in guest data to the Kiosk Basic before arrival at the hotel. This speeds up the process of guests at kiosks, where they basically only scan their documents and obtain room keys in accordance with regulations. In the case of a visitor system, they can specify the time of arrival, or re-register their reservation.

Kiosk Basic has a simple RestAPI for easy use with any 3rd party systems. Examples are connection to logging and notification systems, SMS gateways, monitoring of kiosks and others.

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