PRE Multimedia Kiosk

Complete realization of a multimedia kiosk for PRE, the third largest supplier of electricity in the Czech Republic. Delivery included design, kiosk manufacture and creating self-service interactive applications based on computational calculators PRE. Multimedia kiosk is equipped with a powerful computer with Windows Embedded and touch displays 22 “. For the administration it is possible to connect an external USB keyboard, mouse or other required devices. The information kiosk can also be controlled remotely (use RDP, etc.).

Pražská energetika a.s.

Pražská energetika group (PRE), located in Prague, is the third biggest energy provider in Czech Republic with almost 1400 employees. Each year it delivers their customers about 6.2 TWh of electricity and it has annual turnaround of CZK 16.7 billions (2007).

Goal of PRE Group is to raise satisfaction of its customers, shareholders and employees by providing reliable supply of energy and other services.

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