Rosnička Infobox – interactive presentation

ROSNIČKA non-profit organisation was established in 1998 to support EVVO activities in Uherské Hradiště district. Since 2009 there is a long-term international project, funded from European Fund for Regional Development.

We have produced interactive presentation running on wall-mount information kiosk with 22inch LCD touchscreen.

We have produced interactive touch-controlled presentation and wall-mount kiosk – infobox with 22“ LCD touchscreen. Visitors control the presentation by touches. Besides multimedia content there are also built-in camera which enables users to take a photo of themselves. Photo is then placed into one of graphic templates and sent via e-mail.

Infobox is purposed for both indoor and outdoor use (as long as operational and technical conditions are met). Presentation is custom Flash application created according client`s corporate identity using Adobe Flash software.

CMS – content management system enables to remotely update, change and add presentation content:

  • Adding and editing of presentation screens and setting up presentaion structure
  • File management of image and video files
  • Text content management
  • Screens previews
  • Deploying the presentation to infobox
  • CMS is protected against unauthorized access

Project link:

CZECH MULTIMEDIA INTERACTIVE s.r.o., V Olšinách 2300/75, 100 00 Praha 10,, +420 274 817 540, +420 739 557 557