CZECH MULTIMEDIA INTERACTIVE | is our microsite promoting dubbing and voiceover services, audio production and postproduction and online service databáze hlasů – voice database. In case you need localize TV or radio ad campaign or create soundtrack for your next movie, you should definitely check

Audio services on our microsite


Besides voiceovers, we also provide complete audio and video production, such as DVD re/authoring and localisation of video documents, captioning and translations, audio and video clip editing. We are also able to create custom 3D visualisations and animations.

Standard offer contains:

  • animated spots and jingles – both 2D and 3D
  • professional video clips
  • radio spots and jingles
  • spots and clips are also web-ready

In terms of production, we provide all what is needed:

  • creative idea and concept
  • screenplay and storyboard
  • production – shooting/rendering/postproducion
  • sound – special effects, custom music
  • dubbing/voiceover- professional speakers, actors


Digital agency, full-service studio focused on online marketing, creativity, creating web solutions, interactive applications, multimedia presentations and  information kiosks.

CZECH MULTIMEDIA INTERACTIVE s.r.o., V Olšinách 2300/75, 100 00 Praha 10,, +420 274 817 540, +420 739 557 557