Interactive application for ČSOB access kiosks

Realization of access kiosks with interactive application for CSOB headquarters in Prague – Radlice. We prepared information kiosks – model Eagle, equip them with modern industrial touch screen, camera and a powerful computer. We placed them to the reception at CSOB building in Prague 5 and they provide a self-service printing of visitor business cards.

Interactive access application allows to create a visiting card easily. Visitor makes a photo of himself, fills the data and prints the prepared business card in one click. Then he inserts it to the case and is dispatched.

Renovation of the kiosks, a printer specialized to printing business cards, instalation and service were part of the delivery.


CSOB, a.s. is the universal bank in the Czech Republic. It was established in 1964 to provide services in the area of foreign trade financing and convertible currency operations.

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