Development of software for self-service hotels

The contract proposal was unified visual style and programming front end (GUI) application for any accommodation facilities - hotels, hostels, guest houses, hostels, campsites and so on. GUI applications can be via API or Web služen linked to the payment interface, reservation, ordering, and other input systems.

Development of software for self-service hotels include the ability to create and manage individual booking rooms at the collection of data on the guest via the touch screen, including signing the guest stylus. Check-in and check-out can be done online via the Internet or offline, inside the hotel. Cancellation fees will take care of it, to the eventual cancellation too rotten deal, and Substitute system will help fill a gap after canceled reservations.

Touch touchscreen interface module provides both quick and intuitive control, but also a number of functions that you use in the event that its facilities are operating as accommodation. Restaurant. Linking the system can also swellness and fitness facilities.

Membership module allows the sale of goods and services into a single account, so that the client simply charge everything up at the end of their stay. Fees for use of the wellness, showers, pool or gym, thanks to the use of chip or magnetic stripe cards are loaded automatically. Electronic locks and turnstiles is able to control the entrances to the rooms and other facilities, eg. Hot tub or sauna, and the program may charge either a lump sum or by time spent in the building. In addition, no one gets to places where no business.

The offer has been prepared for the company CZECH KIOSK, which is engaged in the production of digital signage and self-service payment solutions.

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