Development of software for self-service hotels

The subject of the contract was the design of a uniform visual style front end (GUI) application for accommodation facilities, eg for hotels, hostels, boarding houses, hostels, camps, etc., which provide short-term or long-term rental. The user GUI application can be connected via the API to the payment and printing interface of the hotel vending machine and reservation, ordering, entry and other systems. The reservation is verified via PMS.

Software development for self-service hotels included, in addition to frontend graphics, modifications to the Kiosk Basic system for verifying reservations in individual rooms of the accommodation facility. The frontend sends the collected data about the guest through the kiosk via a touch screen, including the electronic signature of the guest. Check-in and check-out can be done online via the internet and offline on site directly at the hotel’s payment kiosk. The payment machine prints a receipt for payment, including EET, issues a hard key or a programmed RFID card (hotel key) and mediates the sale or reservation of other services.

The order has been prepared for the company CZECH KIOSK, which is engaged in the production of self-service hotel receptions. Our Kiosk Smart solution for smart hotels is supported by CZECH KIOSK self-service payment machines.

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