Webhosting, server hosting, cloudmail

We offer quality web hosting as a guaranteed service monitored 24/7. For emailing, the CloudMail server, which has a 99.99% availability thanks to a cloud solution. Provides unlimited scalability, unlimited domains and aliases. It filters a large number of messages daily with high antispam efficiency and absolutely negligible error rate. Maximum data storage security (3x replication + backup). We manage more than 300 internet domains and projects of our clients, which are operated securely on our servers. We provide consulting and service IT services to support client solutions according to the required level of service (SLA)..

Domains and webhosting

Internet domain registration

Make sure the domain you want is free.

We will register a Czech, foreign or international domain for the website and put space for your documents into operation. Web hosting includes renting data space to the domain, operation of a database and mail server. We offer a managed server service for larger web presentations or applications.

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