Kiosk Smart – a system for self-service smart hotels

Kiosk Smart is a cloud system not only for self-service smart hotels, providing hotel guests with easy check-in, check-out and issuance of new or lost keys, including mobile keys at unattended hotel kiosks and in an online pre-checkin application, which is also designed for any mobile device. It provides hoteliers with advanced features for easy online communication with guests, a payment and notification gateway, connection to monitoring and logging systems, hotel room management and other functions.

In contrast to the check-in tool, Kiosk Basic offers a wide range of functions for the automated operation of the hotel. In addition to the management of clients, real estate, rooms, properities, types of sales and reservations, these include, for example, connections to the Loxone system, lock system, information or accounting systems.

The big advantage is the possibility of connecting to the 3rd party API and promoting the content, both on your own website and to various accommodation portals. The whole solution thus speeds up the hotel management processes and saves personnel costs.

Main benefits of cloud Kiosk Smart solution

  • Easy setting and editing of real estate for any type of sale.
  • User roles for hotel operation and management.
  • Easy management of short-term and long-term reservations.
  • Management of services and guest requests with assignment to hotel administrators.
  • Common and separate notice boards for staff with performance measurement.
  • Automated guest profiles with access to reservations and requests.
  • Online check-in interface of the hotel in any language.
  • Automated control of rooms according to settings – temperature, windows, light, presence of a guest ..
  • Connection with dispensing key boxes and hotel vending machines.
  • Overlooked logging and notification systems, including incident escalations.
  • Queuing of notification e-mails and SMS.
  • Easy real estate promotion in the form of a website or 3rd party systems.
  • Monitoring, reports and endpoint API for hotel kiosks.
  • Advanced RestAPI Kiosk Smart for all system functions.
  • Fast return on investment, speeding up processes and saving personnel costs and time.

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