New Interactive Anniversary Applications CEP

Interactive computing applications for energy savings

We prepared new interactive energy saving applications for the 1st anniversary of the PRE Energy Advisory Center (Jungmannova 28, Prague 1) and updated the selected presentations. Most applications can also run online from the web

You can now view the application at the FOR ARCH 2010 exhibition where you can find at the Pražská energetika stand information kiosk With applications (CZ / EN) and virtual tour of CEP. At the same time, we have installed an up-to-date ecoMeter presentation – Intelligent Metering of Electricity (CZ / EN) on the new exhibit.

Thermal Loss – Home Insulation Calculation Calculator and Window Replacement

This app can calculate how much insulation will cost you or window replacement and what will be the return on investment depending on the heat loss of the objects. Intuitive operation is done in the same way as other CEP applications using touch screens. In this case, it is a 65 “plasma screen, and is currently in trial mode (CZ) and includes an interactive vocabulary concept with a virtual PRE consultant and a photo gallery.

Appraisal of the operating costs of household appliances – a new application

We have created a new app that allows you to calculate how much you are running the selected home appliance and what is the return on your investment when buying a new one. The application is scalable and allows you to enter a variety of parameters – from the distribution rate through the year of manufacture of the current appliance, the number of cycles, the weight of the laundry and other data to the consumption and cost of the appliance. Application Assessment of the operating costs of household appliances (CZ / EN) can also be tested online at

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