Online marketing Haas Fertigbau

Implementation of online marketing activities for Haas Fertigbau Internet projects. We provide comprehensive services, starting with web site revisions, responsive webdesign, CMS Typo3 corporate website management, SEO optimization – especially removing barriers and increasing site performance (increasing attendance, lowering exit rates, increasing conversion rates).

We debug web analytics, review metric settings (GA dashboard, GWT, GTM …). We manage online AdWords and Sklik campaigns. We optimize PPC (KW revision, segmentation, product targeting, regional targeting, lead relevance, longtail …). In addition, we report, consult, evaluate the action taken and achieve the objectives, in particular the effective increase in the number of relevant leads.

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Haas Fertigbau

Haas Fertigbau is a company with a nearly 100-year tradition in the construction of prefabricated wood-based buildings.

The company, which originally became a purely Czech manufacturing and construction company, was part of the large European company group HAAS GROUP based in Falkenberg, Bavaria, with more than 30 branches throughout Europe and several thousand employees in the 1990s.

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