Online catalog Company-online

The Company-online portal is an internet catalog of companies with a large database of companies that can be contacted online. Business search can be in basic mode by business, location, and keywords. In the expanded search, you can also use part of the name, zip code, ID, etc. Google Adsense search is available. Putting a new business is easy, it’s a web-based form. The portal system tracks company registration and automatically expects payments for the registration period, mates incoming payments, issues tax documents and writes them into the accounting program.

Site visitors are free to search and ask companies on the portal. Requests are sent via email. Companies can be asked individually or collectively. There is also a detail of each company with detailed information about its scope and image ads.


Portal Publishing System – CMS
The portal system automatically prepares interesting information for visitors such as current currency rates, weather information, tax news, contract reports, interesting links, postcards, polls, competitions and other attractions.

The portal is controlled by a modular content management system that allows the client to monitor and control all the events on his site. An ad rotation system with comprehensive support for all ad formats and ad slot statistics was also implemented.


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