Annual report Česká pojišťovna 2015

As in the previous year, we created a web form of Česká pojišťovna’s annual report for 2015. Our task was to create a modern responsive web presentation that, at the same time, draws on the printed version of the report at the same time as design and typography.

In a short time, the web needed to be filled with hundreds of pages of text and hundreds of flawlessly formatted tables, all in two language versions and zero tolerance for errors. We filled out the data in the content management system and then exported the finished web to a static web presentation. Users can add their own private bookmarks and notes to the message.

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Česká pojišťovna

Czech Insurance Company Česká pojišťovna is a universal insurance company with more than 185letou rich tradition of providing life and non-life insurance. After reintroduction of the competitive environment in 1991 remains the largest insurer on the Czech insurance market.

It provides both individual life and non-life insurance as well as insurance for small, medium and large clients in the industrial, agricultural and business risks. Approximately 3,900 employees and 5,600 sales representatives in more than 4,500 points of sale ensures maximum client satisfaction.

Czech Insurance Company manages nearly eight million insurance contracts and its market share in the domestic market reached 23.9 percent.

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