The concept of interactive shop windows Pražská energetika

As a part of branding consultancy Energy Center PRE which includes mainly mascots design and shop windows stickers we have created an concept of interactive shop windows, mobile application and floor projections reacting to passers-by. We won branding CEP PRE with the best comunicative concept in open competition of Pražská energetika (Prague energetics company). Our aim was to make CEP visible and grab customers’ attention.

Interactive shop window

The idea of interactive shop window is based on playing an interactive computer projection “guide savings”. Various possibilities how to save money are automatically rotating and whenever someone is coming around, the invitation to go inside appears and customers can find out their own savings. The concept is also available in simplified version or as mobile application.

The screen was divided into 6 “rooms” – in each of them there is a mascot/advisor. Advisors can show the possibilities that are displayed in comic bubbles with an opportunity to get “more information”. Advisors are able to do various animations that can be predefined in the application (for example changes of mascot in light buld, bicycle or fridge etc.). Talking is animated but the sound is missing. For the succes of this application it is crucial to understand that passers-by have to touch the shop window, so we created explicit calls “Touch” and moreover we created “More information” button. We also proposed using Kinect for measuring the behaviour of passers-by. Around the screen there is also a sticker with illustrating the frame of the tablet and it evoke the possibility of touch interaction.

Basic conditions of interactive shop window

  • inactivity – noone is standing right at the window. Advisors/mascots are grouped talking to each other. If some passer-by is detected, one of mascots becomes larger and invites him to come closer
  • approaching – if the passer-by comes closer, mascots start to panic and quickly go back to their seats and begin to display tips randomly (with animation and “More information” link. Light aras on the screen will be continuously darkened to make it comfortable for close observation
  • interaction – user can touch any of the “room” to view another tip. If the user leaves or long inactivity will be detected, the application will go back to idle

Interactive shop window and recognition technology

  • projection – projector 4000 ANSi
  • transparency projection foil (viewfoil)
  • interactive touch foil (transparent appearance)
  • PC for interactive application
  • MS Kinect sensor for Windows (motion sensor)
  • interactive application (can be connected to CMS, inserting new tips)
  • sticker around the projection screen resembling tablet

Pražská energetika a.s.

Pražská energetika group (PRE), located in Prague, is the third biggest energy provider in Czech Republic with almost 1400 employees. Each year it delivers their customers about 6.2 TWh of electricity and it has annual turnaround of CZK 16.7 billions (2007).

Goal of PRE Group is to raise satisfaction of its customers, shareholders and employees by providing reliable supply of energy and other services.

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