Online and social marketing

Online marketing

The advantages of online marketing and internet advertising are indisputable. It is suitable to have prepared at least basic marketing analysis before planning advertising campaigns and preparation of media plan. The same is true in the case of social marketing. Following questions are fundamental:

  • what is the purpose of advertising communication
  • what is the subject of promotion
  • for who is the service intended
  • targeting group (and its possibilities)
  • the best way how to present the service
  • the choice of creative solution
  • when to activate the campaign
  • how to distribute the campaign
  • budget
  • methodology for measuring campaign results

It is possible to make your website visible immediately via paid advertising or via SEO optimization of the websites (your website will be sooner or later visible without having to pay in this case). SEO analysis of the website can evaluate your position on the internet and the competitive environment and it proposes appropriate measures. The web presentation has to be engaging for your customers and for the robots in internet search engines. We offer:

  • copywriting – business texts creation
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – affecting the visibility of a website in search results
  • PPC/CPA/PPS/CPT campaigns – complete services
  • affiliate and commissional systems – payment for bringing new customers or purchases via online commissional system
  • newsletter – complete services
  • direct mailing

Social networks

We are able to ensure your presence at social networks, especially at Facebook, G+, Linkedln and Youtube. Communication will help you to increase the number of people visiting your website. We will help you to acquire sufficient number of fans on social network.

Viral marketing

We will give you advices on viral marketing that offers many possibilities how to achieve your goal (mainly on social networks). The essence is to use the users themselves to distribute information. It is necessary to engage user’s attention but also to hide at the first sight that it is an advertisement.

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