PRE Energy Advisor Facebook fanpage management

Our digital agency has been selected to build a Facebook fanpage in the framework of the new online promotion of the PRE energy center – Go to the Energy Adviser on Facebook . In addition to interesting information and energy saving instructions, we’ve also placed a Facebook quiz on the fanpage, which will test your knowledge of “how to save energy”.

Facebook social networking is mainly used as a tool of viral marketing (part of guerilla marketing). The reason is to use fans and site users to propagate the information they provide arbitrarily.

The implementation included graphic design, advertising, setting up and managing the FB ads ad campaign, managing fanpage from scratch to more than 4500 fans now, creating a landing page conversion console and advertising content for Facebook, and the Energy Adviser website.

Facebook quiz Are you smarter than a consultant?

Our Facebook services offer includes:

  • Marketing consultations, training and experience sharing
  • Manage fanpage, profiles, applications, and advertising campaigns
  • Making multimedia entertainment content for viral spread
  • Effective use of FB features and tools
  • Link communication to Youtube profiles, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Web and multimedia developers and programmers for FB applications
  • Design, creation and implementation of FB applications into the Internet environment

Pražská energetika a.s.

Pražská energetika group (PRE), located in Prague, is the third biggest energy provider in Czech Republic with almost 1400 employees. Each year it delivers their customers about 6.2 TWh of electricity and it has annual turnaround of CZK 16.7 billions (2007).

Goal of PRE Group is to raise satisfaction of its customers, shareholders and employees by providing reliable supply of energy and other services.

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