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Company Analyzer, dealer wide range of computing and consumer electronics, in January 2007 he asked for optimized and automated processing of business documents, including invoices in the hundreds of thousands of documents per month. Based on the mapping of business processes, we work with the client opted for software solutions and the use of economic system Money S3.

The result of our work was to reduce costs in the order of time from the initial days and weeks of a month long billing operations on a process lasting about 1-2 hours followed by a control output log import bills (about another hour depending on the number of potential trouble spots identified software solution). Consistent implementation was achieved error-free document processing and eliminating human errors. Solutions will continue to expand the range of business and strategic control mechanisms, as well as a workflow solution with the control mechanism focused mainly on the effectiveness of the operators of e-shops, work records and statistical reports.


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Analyzer s.r.o.

Analyzer s.r.o. company provides complex IT services. It also offers consultations and training in computer technology.

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