3D visualization of Preciosa glass sculptures

Preciosa is a traditional manufacturer of exclusive cut-out products made of genuine Czech crystal since 1948. The international headquarters of the company is the town of Jablonec nad Nisou located in the north of Bohemia, where glass production has a centuries-old tradition.

The subject of the contract was the model and 3d visualization of glass luminous sculpture with a high resolution environment. The resulting 3d renders serve to persuade the client to buy non-existent luminaires, so they must be visually accurately modeled and representative.


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Preciosa Lustry a.s.


Preciosa produces crystal glass of the highest quality in its glass works. Continuously improved polishing and polishing technology makes it possible to underscore the exceptional optical properties of the crystal. The high brilliance and rainbow glitter of all perfectly polished facets are a hallmark of all Preciosa products.
Preciosa is a world leading producer of cut crystal, specializing mainly in the production of machine cut chatons, beads and other fashion jewelry stones of top quality and in a broad variety of shapes, colors and sizes. The company’s headquarters are in Jablonec nad Nisou (Northern Bohemia), in a region with hundreds of years of glass making tradition.

Kamenický Šenov is a town where Preciosa produces crystal trimming chandeliers as well as contemporary decorative lighting fixtures. It also prepares custom-made lighting fixtures for a wide range of prestigious buildings such as theaters, hotels and luxury palaces. The chandelier making tradition dates back to 1724.

In addition to fashion jewelry components and chandeliers, Preciosa also exports fashion jewelry stones of cubic zirconia, exclusive fashion jewelry, crystal figurines and gifts to many countries worldwide.

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