3D FOOTBALL new 2.0

Interactive 3D solutions soccer, for playing and editing three-dimensional animated football situation is now even more customizable. Switching the camera view while watching animation can now be automatically preselected, in addition to changes in speed and zooming can be moved after the football situation using the keyboard arrows, you can scroll through both sides’ video slider, “and we have prepared a lot of other improvements.

3D football is not only for news portals, is a good addition to any multimedia presentations on the Internet or CD or DVD drive. Alternative solutions used, for example, news portal

Interactive demonstrations 3d player for the Internet

3d přehrávače Česky :: 3d player in English :: 3d player Deutsch

Information: is major Czech news portal since 1998. It provides informational contents covering all areas of interest and other complemental services such as on-line maps, weather and traffic information etc.

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