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We offer creation of professional internet presentation using the latest technologies and procedures with professional webdesign, valid code and without barriers. We are able to update your current website according to new requirements and aims – redesign, new coding, usability, accessibility, copywriting, SEO, connection to CMS. We will analyze your needs and aims and we will propose your website. We are able to ensure you that your website captures customers’ attention and they will order demanded goods. We will get your website on top spots in internet searching (Google). We will prepare SEO analysis and make SEO optimization based on this analysis.

Sample of our work – web pages

SEO optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is website optimization for users and internet search engines (Google, Jyxo etc.). These search engines have their own evaluation criteria and they can evaluate your presentation (PageRank, SRank,…). The rank comments on importance and credibility of the website and it depends on the rank if you will be on the list of searched pages and at what position. High quality SEO represents the most effective way how to make your website visible and visited by customers without having to pay for advertising. If you are invisible for the customers, it is as if you didn’t exist and they can find another website.

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